3.25. How to save credit card information in KeyReel?

KeyReel does not support credit cards yet. However, you can store a card as a site account:

  1. Manually create an account with the site name: “<bank>.credit card” (see “How to enter and save credentials manually”)

  2. In the field “username” enter the card number (e.g. “1111-2222-3333-4444”)

  3. In the field “password” specify the PIN code (e.g. “1234”).

  4. In the field “notes” specify the experation date, the CVV code code and other information (e.g. “exp.date: 01/21”, “cvv: 123”, “card holder: John Smith”, etc.)

Copy the data you need into the appropriate fields by using KeyReel’s Secure Clipboard-Sharing feature