3.10. What if the extension has an exclamation mark in the icon?

If the Exclamation mark (markIcon) appears in the KeyReel icon on the browser’s toolbar, there is a problem with KeyReel’s operation. To find out what the problem is, click on the icon and open the extension’s menu.

3.10.1. Error “Cannot access KeyReel MacOS app”

If the error “Cannot access KeyReel MacOS app” appears in the browser, the KeyReel Mac App is not running or not installed. If KeyReel is installed, find the application and launch it. If you haven’t installed the KeyReel MacOS app yet, please follow these instructions.


3.10.2. Error “Safari (or Chrome) extension is not properly installed”

If you see the error “Safari (or Chrome) browser is not properly installed,” repeat the installation of the extension from the Bluetooth Connector menu (see “Installation of KeyReel browser extensions” for details).