3.11. What if the Mac App has an exclamation mark in the icon?

If the exclamation mark (markIcon) appears in the system tray in the KeyReel icon, it means there is a problem. To find out what the problem is, click on the icon and open the KeyReel Mac App’s menu.

3.11.1. Error “Not paired with a phone”

If you get the error “Not paired with a phone” in the KeyReel Mac App, no phone is paired with this Mac. Follow the pairing procedure with your iPhone.


3.11.2. Error “KeyReel is not running on iPhone”

If you got the error “KeyReel is not running on iPhone” in the KeyReel Mac App, make sure that:

  • KeyReel is running on your phone and paired with your Mac;

  • The phone currently paired with your Mac is the same one you’re using (You can read the name of the phone currently paired with the Mac in the menu under the error message. If the Mac is currently paired with another phone, click on the Unpair menu item and repeat the pairing procedure (see “How to Unpair” for detail).


In some very rare cases, a connection with the phone can’t be established with the methods above. In this case, try turning WiFi off and on or restarting the KeyReel Mac App.