1.12. How backups are stored

Any phone can be lost, damaged, or reset. Any PIN code can be forgotten or the KeyReel app may be accidentally uninstalled. To protect the password database, KeyReel offers automatic and manual backup functions.

With automatic backups configured, the KeyReel phone app periodically encrypts the password database with a backup key and sends it to the paired computer. The MacOS KeyReel app will store an encrypted file in the configured location on a computer or a USB memory stick. With a backup file, restoration of passwords on a new phone will take just few minutes.

The security of the backup depends on the complexity of the backup password. Choose a long password that contains letters, numbers, and symbols, and cannot be guessed even by friends or family.


If you forget the password and lose access to the app on your phone, there will be no way to restore your passwords. We recommend that you print or write down your backup password on a card and keep it in a private safe, bank cell, or hiding place if you cannot memorize it.