1.1. KeyReel Structure

KeyReel consists of three different apps:

The Best Password Manager for Mac

(A) KeyReel Password Vault - is an iOS App which is launched on your iPhone and is used for storing and managing the credentials (login and password) for all websites and desktop applications. Stored credentials are protected by a military-grade AES encryption algorithm. Access to the credential database is authorized with a six-digit PIN code or Touch ID.

(B) KeyReel Bluetooth Connector - is a MacOS App which is launched on your Mac and serves as an intermediate between phone and browser (Chrome or Safari).

The KeyReel Bluetooth Connector is responsible for establishing and maintaining a connection with a phone using an encrypted Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 link. The link provides secure, energy-efficient connection between Mac and iPhone and works only when both devices are in close proximity. Therefore, all credential data is transmitted only within close proximity to the computer and never exposed to the Internet or stored in a cloud.

It’s also responsible for:

  • managing installation and update of Safari and Chrome browser extensions

  • establishing a link with the KeyReel browser extension

  • saving and restoring the local password database backup on the Mac

  • importing credentials from other sources

(C) KeyReel browser extension is used to:

  • detect and identify forms on web pages

  • save credentials from login/registration forms and store them to the phone app (via KeyReel Bluetooth Connector)

  • auto-type saved credentials into corresponding fields of a login form on the current page

  • manually save and paste credentials via KeyReel Extension’s menu from the browser’s toolbar