1.2. Why pairing is needed

A phone (A) and a computer (B) need to establish a confidential, trusted connection with each other to guarantee that only those particular devices can connect with each other and prevent other devices from gaining access to the critical data transferred over that connection. To establish that trusted connection, the phone and the computer undergo the pairing process.

Pairing is a handshake during which devices exchange encryption keys used to encrypt and authorize communication. To make the pairing process simple and painless, the KeyReel Mac App displays a QR code, which is scanned with a phone. After scanning the QR code, the phone exchanges keys with the Mac. From this moment on, the channel between these devices becomes trusted.

The KeyReel Bluetooth Connector (B) and browser extension (C) establish a trusted, secure connection as well. The channel is encrypted using TLS encryption with uniquely generated certificates. Automatic pairing with a secret key exchange happens during installation of the browser extension. This guarantees that only this browser can access secure data.

There are cases when the extension is installed automatically by a browser after reinstallation or profile syncing. This will not happen in the case of your KeyReel Bluetooth Connector, and you will need to trigger pairing from the Bluetooth Connector menu.