2.15. How to disable KeyReel Extension on Heavy-Loading Sites or Pages

If you notice that a particular site or page on a site is slowing down or freezing while KeyReel is running (this is possible on some very dynamic sites that often change the content of the page) or a form that is incorrectly recognized as a login form and KeyReel tries to insert credentials into it, pause the KeyReel browser extension. KeyReel will not insert credentials into forms on this site automatically, but you still have the option to do it manually.

First, inform the KeyReel team about the problem on this site using the feedback form (see, how to do it). Then, either pause the KeyReel browser extension on all pages of the site by clicking Block auto-filling on this site, in the KeyReel browser extension’s menu, or pause it only on certain site pages using the item Block auto-filling on this page:


The KeyReel icon in the toolbar will turn gray, and the message “KeyReel is disabled on this page” will be shown in the extension’s menu:


Combine both types of blocks by blocking the whole site and then enabling some pages (e.g. pages with login forms on them), or enable the entire site and disable it only on pages with slow loading forms or forms mistaken as login forms.


Please remember to send feedback about such sites and/or pages using the KeyReel feedback form (see, how to do it).