2.14. How to enable additional security for a selected site

It would be annoying to enter a PIN code or use Touch ID for every password request to most ordinary sites. KeyReel tries to be as friendly and invisible as possible, while providing the maximum level of security. Thus when a phone is paired with a computer, they trust each other. Requests from sites that go to the Password Vault are handled with only the audio signal and vibration of the phone to indicate the moment of transfer of a password from the phone to the computer.

However, there is a category of sites that you might want to have a tighter security: email accounts, banks, tax, and other important sites that hold sensitive information. You might want to protect these sites from situations that may occur when the phone is paired with the associated computer, but the owner is distracted from the computer for a moment. Some people may be tempted to take advantage of the moment when the phone is in proximity to a computer.

To address this circumstance, each sensitive site can be additionally protected with a PIN Code or Touch ID. By doing this, the rule to request a PIN Code or Touch ID for these sites is always in effect. With this feature the owner has the ability to choose tighter security over greater convenience for some sites.

There are two ways to add additional protection to a particular site:

The first is to swipe the site item in the “Keys” (keysButton) tab to the right until the blue square with the shield appears. Click on the shield to enable shieldPlusButton or disable shieldMinusButton additional protection. The secured site will be marked with an additional symbol indicating either Touch ID or PIN Code protection (as indicated by red arrows on the screenshots) depending on KeyReel’s unlock setting - Touch ID or PIN Code:


The second is to enable/disable additional protection from the site’s info screen:


After this feature is installed, every time a password is requested for the site, you will hear a sound on the phone (if sound notification in KeyReel is on and a request will appear like the one shown below: