2.2.1. How to enable Bluetooth on your Mac

To enable Bluetooth in the menu bar, find a gray Bluetooth icon (grayBluetoothIcon) and click on it to activate the Turn Bluetooth On menu item.

If the Bluetooth icon (grayBluetoothIcon) is absent in the menu bar, then to enable Bluetooth you have to open System Preferences… -> Bluetooth and click the Turn Bluetooth On button. In

this window you can enable showing the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar by switching on the Show Bluetooth in menu bar checkbox:



KeyReel has its own pairing procedure using QR-Code that’s why it is not necessary to pair an iPhone with a Mac using System Preferences:Bluetooth. Even more, on some circumstances after it KeyReel on your Mac will not be able to communicate with iPhone at all.

If Bluetooth is On, but KeyReel cannot communicate (or pair using QR Code) with a phone, you should try to remove the connected phone from the “Devices” list in this window by clicking delButton button and then repeat pairing ones more: