2.6. How to setup auto-backup of the Password Vault

KeyReel saves all your credentials on your phone and it helps you control them all the time. However, if you don’t save Password Vault copies, there is a risk to lose them for good (e.g. if your phone is lost or damaged). To avoid this, you should save the actual Password Vault copy to an external storage from time to time. It will quickly help you restore the data on other phone and continue working with KeyReel.

KeyReel offers both manual and automatic backup modes. In the manual mode you can initiate the process of saving data from the phone to the external storage by yourself. In automatic mode the backup is done automatically each time the changes take place. In any case, the cripted backup file will be created. If, for some reasons, you need an uncrypted version of the Password Vault, refer to “How to export credentials”.

To configure auto-backup, use the Backup tab (backupButton). To enable auto-backup, enable the Backup automatically option and set the backup password.


Use a strong password! Write it down and save it in a safe place or memorize it. If you forget this password you will never be able to restore your credentials from the backup if you lose access to the Password Vault!

After enabling automatic backup, the vault will automatically back up every time the Password Vault database is updated. The default place for saving KeyReel backups on your Mac is your Documents/KeyReel/ folder. You can change its location in the KeyReel Mac App menu at Backup location -> Change…