2.24. How to uninstall

2.24.1. How to uninstall KeyReel App from iPhone


Keep in mind that during the uninstallation procedure, all information related to KeyReel will be deleted, including all your passwords, configuration data, and KeyReel program code. Restoring the deleted information WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE if you do not have a backup file stored outside the phone, or if you don’t know its password.

You can uninstall KeyReel from your iPhone the same as you would a regular OSX App. Before uninstalling the KeyReel App from your iPhone, make sure you have a backup file on your Mac and that you remember the backup password. If you’re in doubt about the password, change the backup password and manually save the backup on your computer. Only then can you remove KeyReel from your iPhone while ensuring you still have access to the data stored on your password vault.

2.24.2. How to uninstall KeyReel App from Mac

To uninstall KeyReel from your Mac, use the Uninstall.app located in the KeyReel.dmg archive file that you downloaded from the official KeyReel site. If, at the time you decide to uninstall KeyReel, you have already removed KeyReel.dmg from your computer, please download it again from https://www.keyreel.io/download.html to complete the uninstallation properly.

Find and open the KeyReel.dmg archive file. Launch the Uninstall.app:


Click on the Open button in the notification popup to continue:


Then the main (and only) window of the KeyReel uninstaller will appear:


By default, the sliders on this window are set to remove all files related to KeyReel, except for saved backup files with your passwords. Click Uninstall to remove KeyReel from your Mac as safely as possible.

If you need to change the settings, here is a brief description of sliders’ functions:

  • The first slider indicates removal of the KeyReel application only

  • The second slider removes the KeyReel User Data and Preferences directory

  • By setting the third slider, you can choose to keep log files on disk if you need to pass them to KeyReel developers to fix errors that may require them.

  • The fourth slider indicates the removal of the KeyReel directory from your “Documents” folder, along with all backup files from your phone.


    Do not use this slider if you want to keep backup files saved for future use (for example, to reinstall KeyReel on this computer).

2.24.3. How to uninstall KeyReel browser extension from Safari

To uninstall the KeyReel browser extension from Safari, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Safari “Extensions” window by clicking the menu item Safari -> Preferences…

  2. Click Extensions

  3. Select “KeyReel” from the list on the left side of the window.

  4. Click Uninstall:

  5. Click Uninstall again:


2.24.4. How to uninstall the KeyReel browser extension from Chrome

To uninstall the KeyReel browser extension from the Chrome Browser follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Extensions” page (type chrome://extensions in the address box) or via Chrome menu -> Window -> Extensions

  2. Search for KeyReel and delete it by pressing the REMOVE button: