Manual insertion of a username/password into the app on the same iPhone

If you want to insert credentials from the KeyReel Password Vault into an application on the same iPhone, but it is powered by iOS less then 12, then you need to use KeyReel’s Secure Clipboard-sharing Feature and follow four simple steps:

  1. in the KeyReel Password Vault, manually create a website entry in advance using the name of the app (e.g. program_name.app) and enter each set of credentials;

  2. Under the “Keys” tab (keysButton) in the KeyReel Password Vault, select the site or application you want, or use the search function and open it.

  3. Click the appropriate set of credentials. The contents of those fields will be copied to the clipboard on the iPhone and at the same time to the clipboard of the connected Mac (using the encrypted Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and Mac).

  4. Go to the app on your phone and paste the data from the clipboard.

You can insert credentials to you local Mac App as well.


Data in the clipboard will appear for only about 30 seconds before being erased.

When copying a set of credentials, the corresponding message appears at the top of the iPhone screen: