Manual insertion of a login or password into any text field in a browser

In some cases, the login form on the page is not recognized correctly (please report such cases to the KeyReel Team!). In this case, you can manually insert credentials in the appropriate field(s). There are two ways to do this: Insertion using the browser extension’s menu

To manually paste a login and/or password into any field(s) on the page, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the text or password field in the login form where you want to insert data:

  1. Open the KeyReel menu by clicking on its icon in the browser toolbar and select the account you want to auto-type:


These account credentials will be auto-typed into the active field and the next one (if it is a password field). If there is no password field next to the active field then only the account’s name will by auto-typed into it:


Now sign in and enjoy your account!


If the active field is a password one that only the account’s password will be auto-typed into it. You cannot put password into an ordinal text field this way (you should use KeyReel’s Secure Clipboard-Sharing feature to achieve it. See below). Insertion using KeyReel’s Secure Clipboard-Sharing feature

You can insert credentials into any text field in any native application on your Mac - even in a browser that is not currently supported (e.g., Firefox) using KeyReel’s Clipboard-Sharing feature with these simple steps:

  1. In the “Keys” tab (keysButton) of your KeyReel Password Vault on the iPhone, select an account or use the search function and click on it.

  2. Click on the username to copy it to the clipboard of the connected Mac (using the encrypted Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and Mac). When copying a username or password via KeyReel, the corresponding message appears at the top of the iPhone screen:

  1. Wait for the notification as shown below:

  1. Paste from the clipboard into any text field on the page:


Repeat this procedure for the password:


Now you can login and enjoy your account!


Data in the clipboard will only appear for about 30 seconds being erased.