2.1.1. Installation and initial setup of the KeyReel Password Vault on your iPhone

To install KeyReel on the iPhone, download and install the app on your phone. After installing, launch KeyReel and complete the initial setup (type Next to continue.)


Only after completing the initial setup will the Password Vault be ready to interact with the Bluetooth Connector.


We recommend you enable Notifications to make KeyReel even easier to use. Remember to enable Bluetooth as well, or KeyReel will not work!



You can enable or disable Notifications and Bluetooth later using this and this instructions.

Enabling Send Usage Data will allow the KeyReel team to improve KeyReel performance based on anonymous statistics such as error messages:


Choose the method of encryption for your Password Vault: Touch ID or PIN Code (you must set up a PIN code within the app).


Now you are ready to pair your phone with your Mac. But first, install the KeyReel Bluetooth Connector on the Mac.

Once the KeyReel Bluetooth Connector is installed and properly configured, start pairing during initial setup. Touch the Scan QR code button and follow the instructions on the chapter “How to pair”.


or tap Skip. You can pair your device to your computer later by pressing the Scan QR Code or QRButton buttons: