2.1.2. Installation and initial setup of KeyReel Bluetooth Connector on your Mac


To install the MacOS KeyReel app, you must have administrator rights on your Mac.

To install KeyReel on your Mac, download the file KeyReel.dmg on https://keyreel.io. After downloading, double click to mount (open) it:

Download free password manager for Mac

After opening the window, drag the KeyReel.app icon onto the Applications folder. Finally, unmount the KeyReel.dmg archive by pressing the Cmd+E key combination in this window, or simply close it:

Install KeyReel - the best free password manager

Launch the KeyReel app from the Applications folder.

The first time you open it, you will see the warning window below. Click Open to launch KeyReel:

Install for free - The best password manager for Mac

The Setup Wizard will appear. Read and fill in each field and press Continue.

KeyReel - offline password manager | first time setup. Step 1

To continue setup you must read and agree to the terms of the Software License Agreement:

KeyReel - free cloudless password manager | first time setup. Step 2
KeyReel - free password manager for Mac | first time setup. Step 3

We strongly recommend that you allow your computer to send us anonymous analytical data for application improvement. This data includes app usage information, like how many times users used the app, which features are most useful, and any errors or problems using the app. (see The Privacy Policy)

Free offline password manager for Mac | first time setup. Step 4

To ensure a secure connection between the KeyReel browser extensions for Safari and Chrome and the KeyReel Bluetooth Connector, you must create the appropriate SSL Certificate and save it to Apple KeyChain by clicking Create. You will need to specify the administrator password for your Mac.

How To setup KeyReel - the best password manager for Mac
How To setup KeyReel - the best offline password manager for Mac

Now it’s time to install the final component of KeyReel: the browser extensions. You can install the Safari Extension right now in a few seconds. You can also do it later from the app menu.

Install Safari Browser Extension | KeyReel

You can do the same with the Chrome Extension or do it later. Once the installation is complete, return to the Wizard on your Mac and continue the setup by clicking Continue:

Install Chrome Browser Extension | KeyReel

Now it’s time to pair your Mac with your iPhone. A QR Code will appear on the Mac screen:

KeyReel password manager uses QR Code

To complete the setup and complete pairing, launch KeyReel on your iPhone and activate the QR code scanner by pressing Show QR Code. When you launch the app on your phone first time, you will see the message, “Give access to the camera.” Press OK. Place the scanner frame on the QR code shown on your Mac and your pairing will automatically begin.

start KeyReel password manager on your iPhone
pair your Mac with iPhone | KeyReel password manager

The last page of the initial setup on your Mac will inform you that setup has been successfully completed:

setup KeyReel - the cloud-free password manager for Mac

After finishing the initial setup, a message will appear under the KeyReel icon in the manu bar. The aim of this message is to draw your attention to the KeyReel icon, and remind you that from this moment on you can rely on KeyReel to manage all your credentials.


Welcome screen | KeyReel password manager