Make every login simple.
Keep every password safe.

With your phone as your personal virtual key, the only person in possession of all your passwords is you. And it was never this easy before.

Know more about KeyReel - the best password manager for Mac
KeyReel - password manager for Mac in iPhone
Store all passwords in my iPhone

Keep your passwords
in your pocket

Whenever your phone is within range of your computer, web-site credentials are securely transmitted from your phone to your Mac web browser login page automatically.
Cloud-free Password Manager

Cloud-free… really!

KeyReel has no cloud server, so the only place your passwords are stored is on your phone. You can safely login even if your phone doesn’t have internet service.
Convenient and Simple Password Manager for Mac

Convenient enough you’ll actually use it

KeyReel’s browser extension detects login pages, stores new passwords, and fills login forms automatically as long as your phone is in Bluetooth range… all without disrupting your browsing experience.
KeyReel - Secure Password Manager for Mac

Security you can trust

KeyReel offers convenient multi-factor authentication that can be adjusted for specific sites. All passwords are stored and transmitted in encrypted form using best industry practices.


Free Password Manager | KeyReel

About KeyReel

KeyReel is unlike any other password manager, because it doesn't focus on managing your passwords. Instead, it aims to become your security assistant, so your accounts can be much more secure with almost no effort.

KeyReel keeps your passwords on your phone. It is as private as having your own small book with passwords. But this "book" is encrypted, asks for PIN or TouchID to decrypt data, seamlessly connects to your computer via Bluetooth, and doesn't use up any extra space in your pocket.

Very secure offline password vault

Adjustable Protection

You can add extra factor of authorization for selected sites, like PIN code or TouchID. Extra protection makes it extremely hard for others to gain access to sites, while keeping it easy for you.

You’ll never have to set up a “master password” that could allow access to all your passwords once it’s cracked. For certain sites, however, you may not want KeyReel to log you in without a second form of authentication first. Set up a PIN code for your banking and other sensitive accounts for an extra layer of protection to ensure you’re the only one who can log in. (Read more)
Simple and Free Password Manager for Mac Apps

Secure Clipboard Sharing

Use KeyReel’s clipboard sharing feature to log into desktop apps like Skype and Outlook without exposing your passwords to the cloud or storing them on your computer unprotected.

Just copy credentials on your phone and KeyReel will securely transmit them to your computer’s clipboard so you can paste them into your desktop login screen. (Read more)
safe password manager for Mac


Backup an automatically updated, encrypted version of your phone’s password safe on your computer. So you never lose your passwords, even if you lose or switch phones.

Compare with other password managers


Password Managers
KeyReel - The Best Password Manager for Mac


Password Managers
Stores data on a server in the cloudStores data on your phoneStores data on your local computer
Master password required once per session (or per install)Phone is a wireless keyMaster password required on every login
Synchronizes data between devices over InternetNo need to synchronize, phone is always with youNo synchronization by default
Other company control storage of your passwordsYou control storage of the passwords at all timesYou control storage of the passwords when near the computer
Monthly / yearly subscription$24.95 $0* per phone device, free for desktopOne time purchase (up to $60 per device)
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* KeyReel is distributed for free until Jan 1, 2020, $24.95 afterwards.

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