Your phone as cloud-free login key

Convert your phone into a smart security assistant that unlocks the web for you when you need it.

What is KeyReel video

How it works

Easy auto-login

Your credentials are stored on your phone. When in Bluetooth range of your computer, credentials are transferred from your phone to your computer auto-filling and logging you in automatically as you browse. Once your phone is out of range, you’re automatically logged out of all open accounts. No typing, no master passwords, no cloud storage required.

Add extra protection to the accounts of your choice and log in with your face, finger, or PIN.

If you lose your phone, you can restore your password vault to a new phone with a backup stored on your computer. This vault syncs with the vault on the phone via Bluetooth every time you connect with KeyReel. Even the FBI failed to hack the 256-AES military-grade encryption we use to protect your data.

KeyReel - password manager
Cloud-free Password Manager

Added protection

Against data and money theft, impersonation and stalking.
Store all passwords in my iPhone

Passwords in a pocket

Passwords are stored on your phone only and works everywhere.
Convenient and Simple Password Manager

Ultimate Convenience

No need to remember or type passwords, no master password, no hassle.
Cloud-free Password Manager

Improved Privacy

Separate password for each site ensures data isolation (unlike Google or Facebook ID).
KeyReel - Secure Password Manager

Security you control

Protect high value sites with extra PIN code or Finger/Face unlock.
KeyReel - Secure Password Manager

2FA out of box

No need to manually enter codes from Authenticator app.


Free Password Manager | KeyReel

About KeyReel

We didn’t develop KeyReel to be yet another password manager. Instead, we aimed for an intelligent security assistant to help manage online safety.

KeyReel was created to implement the best online security practices automatically.

Our goal is to make it work for everyone, so you don’t have to be an IT professional to have essential protection.

Compare with other password managers


Password Managers
KeyReel - The Best Password Manager


Password Managers
Stores data on a server in the cloud and every deviceStores data only on your phoneStores data on every device
Master password required once per session (or per install)Phone is a wireless keyMaster password required on every login
Synchronizes data between devices over InternetNo need to synchronize, phone is always with youUsually no synchronization by default
Other company controls storage of your passwordsYou control storage of the passwords at all timesYou cannot control all the devices at all times
Annual subscription $30-60 per yearFree for personal use with unlimited passwords and unlimited devicesOne time purchase (up to $40-60 per device)
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