Support Center

Most of the questions are answered here.

KeyReel phone app require iOS 9.1 and KeyReel mac app requires MacOS 10.10.
Please check back soon. We are actively working to support more platforms.
Chrome and Safari. Please check back soon here as we are actively working on supporting more browsers.
No your data is not sent over the internet to anyone. If you opted into agreed during installation we send some anonymized usage data to help improve KeyReel.
No your password is not stored on the cloud. This is actually one of the main advantages of KeyReel over other services. All your passwords and account information is encrypted and stored on your phone only.
We used the latest military grade encryption algorithm to encrypt your passwords.
If you enable “share usage data with KeyReel” then the app sends some information about sites you visit. The app does not send any information about who you are what your user id is or what your password is. We use this data to improve our algorithms and make KeyReel better. If you do not wish to share this usage data with us then please feel free to disable the feature by going to.
KeyReel will let you backup your credential store (all the account name and passwords) on your phone. Currently you can backup the encrypted credential store to your mac. Please click on the backup icon at the bottom of the app screen to got to the backup settings page. You can setup up automatic backup to your mac or you can do backups whenever you want.
Yes KeyReel is completely free. We don’t even annoy you with any ads.
Please check our privacy page for our privacy policy.
We don’t store any of your data on our servers or any other cloud. Your data stays with you on your phone (or your mac if you back it up there). So there is no danger of you being hacked because we are hacked.
The restore and backup feature is built to help with this scenario. You can restore from a backup on your mac. Please follow instructions for restore on KeyReel on your phone.
Unfortunately this is not a feature we have in this first version of KeyReel. Please check back here soon as we will announce more features in the future.